Greek Police attacks on Journalists

Now I should be writing about the tragic suicide of an elderly man yesterday in Syntagma Square and the (mostly) peaceful gathering that followed that night to pay respects.

Unfortunately the Greek Gestapo had plans of ruining a somber vigil with candles and flowers. The first incident occurred when mourners went to place a candle at the tomb of the unknown soldier, police responded with tear gas.

This, however, was not the most shocking event of the night. That occurred when police were able to surround a female photographer and violently beat her to the ground. There were also reports of at least one other journalist being attacked.

dimosiografos traumatias από atithaso

On the 2nd night (6/4/12) of vigils held in Syntagma Square police went on a rampage beating 4-5 journalists.

Mario Lolo is the President of the Photojournalist Union and he was struck in the head with a reversed baton. He is scheduled to have surgery in the morning.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A Greek official says authorities are investigating the serious injury of a news photographer who suffered a skull fracture after apparently being hit by riot police while covering a protest in Athens.

Marios Lolos, 46, who heads the Greek Photojournalists' Association and works for the Chinese news agency Xinhua, was undergoing surgery Friday. His colleagues say a riot policeman hit him over the head with a truncheon after the protest was over.
Greek Photojournalist Mario Lolo before being hospitalized by police

Greek Photojournalist Mario Lolo after attack

The morning after attack fellow photogs showed support for their fallen colleague.

Unfortunately there are many incidents in the past year alone of police attacking journalists in Greece. During a June strike Greek journalist Tatiana Bolari was punched by an officer in Syntagma Square, while her colleague Panagiotis Tzamaros was struck with a police stick suffering cuts and bruises.

Police have used their munitions for crowd control against reporters. In 2 separate incidents tossing powerful flash bangs directly at them. In one such incident Greek journalist Manolis Kypreos lost his hearing.

At an austerity protest,during the International Fair, in Thessaloniki, photographer Yannis Behrakis was also the victim of police violence.

Greek photographer Yannis Behrakis runs to avoid an exploding stun grenade thrown by riot police during violent clashes following an anti austerity protest in Thessaloniki September 10, 2011.

Greek Minister of Public Order Michalis Chrisochoidi has promised an investigation but don't expect any positive results as democracy has died in Greece a long time ago.

I have also experienced the brutality of the Greek police on numerous occasions and can attest to their barbarian behavior. My most recent encounter has left me bed-ridden with a herniated disc.

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