Apple Customer Threatened with Arrest/Ejected for Questioning #BendGate

I am guilty--that Apple customer is me. As many of you already know; I collected donations after my last iPod was stolen. I chose the iPod because of the return on media for dollar spent--simply it was the best suited product for the job. After having it for 19 months the camera went completely black and I was left with just the front-facing camera. Since I am not a big fan of selfies this was a BIG problem. I had to rent a camera when I went to #CGI2014. I then went to the Apple store in Grand Central Terminal; their solution was to offer me a discount on buying a new one. A SLAP in the face! Well all know by now that Apple products become obsolete with each update and in fact this is part of their business model. While mainstream media might scoff at the idea; we all know the demise of Apple is not far behind #BendGate. After visiting Apple store in GCT; I went to SOHO store. I could barely enter because it was so packed with people seeking repairs. Next stop was calling APL-CARE; where with my loud Brooklyn mouth I was expedited to a "Senior Advisor". I was having a hard time until I dropped "I'm a journalist." "Please hold sir" said Senior Advisor Emily Reger. When she returned to the line I was told I was being given a free repair. I'll let you assume the reason behind that. I went to the Apple store today and made this video about #BendGate and lack of customer service on the part of Apple. I was inspired by these "idiots" as the MSM refers to them. I prefer another moniker. Great job guys! While I might not agree with your tactics; I appreciate your muckraking spirit! @RT_com released a #BendGate story today stating “controlling the press” was a key strategy for Apple
Email from Apple Senior Advisor Emily Reger confirming my free service appointment which I fought for weeks to obtain
The Exposé Continues


Press Freedom Under Attack at Annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting

     The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) took place this week from September 21-24 in Midtown Manhattan at the Sheraton Hotel. For the uninformed, CGI is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, which convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. CGI claims that since 2005, CGI members have made 3,100+ Commitments to Action in communities around the world.
     Unfortunately, it was the action of CGI security that captured many journalists attention at this years event. As a CGI attendee in 2008 I was no stranger to excessive security. The actions taken by Secret Service and other staff at #CGI2014 stepped over the bounds of what is reasonable. It was in 2008, I was told by an APCOWORLDWIDE staffer, that a few "security incidents" took place. This was the year that I was able to ask President Clinton about his involvement in The BilderBerg Group when I bumped into him catching his SS detail completely off-guard. During my first plenary President Clinton announced an new initiative to take place in Athens in June 2015. As a Greek American, and someone who has extensively covered the euro-crisis since the start this was a perfect story. I immediately asked a staffer from APCOWORLDWIDE for an interview request and followed up numerous times; no luck. I decided to try for an easier request; a member from the CGI social media team, no dice. Once security became a story (I had yet to learn of this).  I asked for an interview with anyone from the CGI security team; strike 3! It seems CGI security had a bathroom fetish.

     What are the details of this security apparatus that has grabbed headlines this week and how do it differ from my CGI experience in 2008? Every year CGI is hosted at the Sheraton Hotel. Hotel guests are required to be checked outside by Secret Service; while credentialed press are able to proceed down the steps which lead to metal detectors manned by TSA agents (same as 2008). Enter the lobby, go down a few more steps and you are in the press area. You are unable to leave this area without a CGI staffer (different from 2008). After having being unprepared when I brushed past Madeleine Albright; I decided to mill about the lobby in the hopes of redeeming myself. After I was passed off from one group of CGI staffers to another I asked my new guardians how long my leash was allowed to be. As long as I was in their eyesight, it was OK, I was told. Nevertheless, when I wandered "too far" I was surrounded by Homeland Security, Secret Service and who knows who else. I was asked if I was filming, they did not go so far as to ask to see my equipment. A senior CGI staffer intervened and scolded me like a schoolboy. Earlier in the week I had asked for permission (Press laws in USA do not require this) from Secret Service to photograph them; they obliged and I omitted their faces. After I realized security at CGI was going to be the story I attempted to obtain photos of Secret Service checking cars. I thought my followers would find this fascinating as the majority of them are not Americans and might've never seen such a spectacle. With the utmost respect I approached a pre-pubescent looking SS agent and pleaded my case, I was "greeted" with nothing but hostility and sent to a supervisor who told me it is the agents personal choice (lie). I left to a store when I returned said supervisor informs me I will be labelled a security risk and ejected from the event if I took any photos of Secret Service. I wasn't even allowed to shoot their feet! Strike 4!

     CGI took place in cooperation with The Peoples Climate Change March. An environmental initiative;that left Manhattan a landfill of garbage in its wake and The Citizens Global Festival which will be attended by the leaders of India, Bangladesh and Norway. Anyone who has been following me knows of the strife presently taking place along the Bangladeshi/Indian border which is going by ignored by MSM. In the end I did get three stories, one you are reading, another is about a Special Olympics blogger whom I met. #PlayUnified for more information. My final story is about @freeconvo a REAL initiative taken up by REAL citizens to erase racism and misunderstanding by bringing back the ancient art of conversation, maybe there is hope for humanity after all. #StayHuman Anthony Verias Untitled Press Room at CGI2014; movement outside this room was greatly restricted
Untitled Before CGI2014 security became camera-shy Untitled DSC07834 Dikembe Mutombo snapping shots of a pleased looking President Clinton
DSC07736 Graça Machel being honored DSC07697 Goodbye until next year



Protest for Alexis Grigoropoulos

Student's protest about to get underway
Immense police presence at both protests of the day
Student's protest ended at funeral of 13 yo Sara, who died in a house fire while heating home due to the fact they had no electricity
Coffin being brought into the church
2,000 people attended the protest that night
Protest ended with clashes between riot police and protesters


Protesters clash with Police at #KillahP Protest

After the murder of antifascist rapper KillaP by a member of Golden Dawn cities throughout Greece held protests; many turned violent including the one in Thessaloniki.
From the start there was a large turnout
Head of protest approaching police blockade
Riot police in front of National Bank of Greece
Police detaining protesters; 36 in total
Member of Ecological Green Party; Banner reads "Golden Dawn? No Thank you!"
Firefighter extinguishing flames throughout the center of Thessaloniki


A Call For Help

I have been documenting protests in Greece for over 2 years now. If there was a protest in the last 2 years chances are I was there; video in hand and have amassed an impressive Youtube collection. It was apparent to me from the beginning though that my equipment (iPod and CyberShot) was completely inadequate and totally obsolete in dark environments and from a distance. I can only get as close to the action as possible and without proper equipment running to the frontlines to film is all for naught if it produces blurry barely recognizable videos. Imagine this video if filmed with this camera. I have been very hesitant these past few years to ask for any monetary assistance; but it has become abundantly clear to me that in the area of equipment; it is as if I am going into a gunfight with a slingshot. After recently being robbed of my iPod, it is now a necessity that I upgrade my equipment. The work that goes into a 3 minute video is far more than you would expect and I do it all because I enjoy it and don't expect anything in return. Though if you are one of my followers who has appreciated my work over the years please consider assisting me in taking my journalistic efforts to the next level and making a small donation with Paypal. Email= A_verias@yahoo.com Or you may use WePay.com by entering an amount and clicking buy below or clicking HERE Buy Now I'll leave you with some of my videos from over the years.