Greek Police set up protesters.. Again and again

A recent video which has been circulating the internet claims to be from a 48 hour strike which occurred in June and clearly shows police loading molotovs into a knapsack which belongs to a protester who has been arrested.  Once again the integrity (if they have any left) of the Greek police has been called into question.  This is not an isolated incident as far back as 2003 there are videos in which the Greek police display such unlawful behavior.  If you, even for a moment, believe the police force in Greece are incapable of such deeds, first take a look at them throwing a flash grenade into a crowded cafe and then read about the journalist, Manolis Kypraios, who is now deaf due to another incident with a flash grenade.

Obviously these are not isolated incidents but rather a pattern which has been tolerated and even encouraged by the Greek government. Christos Papoutsis is the Minister of Public Protection, please contact him to express your feelings over these matters.

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